THE DREAMERS is a collaborative platform of projects focusing on dreams as a relational tool which connects people and places. Archived as a collection of oral stories, every project is curated for a specific context, and activated through different participatory strategies. Some of the main topics of this platform address the realm of every day life & public space, departing from dreams as a form of dialogue which cultivates empathic listening, creative imagination and the practice of loosing oneself through the densities of stories, streets and imaginaries meeting in cities.

THE DREAMERS is a project platform curated by Paz Ponce & Eran Eizenhamer and is open to collaborations. 

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Architect & Education Director at the White City Center Tel Aviv

I’m an Architect working in my own practice in Tel Aviv. I find myself having an  interest in merging architecture with urban theory in people’s everyday life, alongside with realization in real life. I produce education projects that involve learning and the city life. My believe is that the city is our school and the city residents are the teachers and the students. Classes could happen anywhere in our city intertwined with our lives.
These line of action and thought materializes in New City Project, a platform to connect people through learning, knowledge and skills. In the last year I join a new German –  Israeli institute that is being established in Tel Aviv: The White City Center. This new institute brings together contemporary architecture, thinking and research of Tel Aviv as a modern city. My part in this project is developing an education department based on a new approach of multidisciplinary creation as Art, design and Architecture.
Im now on my second year in the M.A. Program in Art Theory at ‘Bezalel’ Academy for Art and Design (Jerusalem). I’m writing my master thesis focusing on our daily life and the way it can influence the architecture of our neighborhoods. A few of my past projects can be seen at  my web site: eraneizenhamer.com and here www.Newcityproject.org.



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Curator & Coordinator of Artistic Education Programs

I am a Spanish independent curator based in Berlin. Here I develop/study/accompany experimental participatory approaches to artistic education & artistic research process in the form of residency programs, community learning environments, archive-research projects and art education workshops for children and youth in collaboration with municipal cultural institutions, Berliner schools, EU-sponsored culture programs, independent art networks and project spaces in the city.

With a background in art history and a critical interest in archival practices and culture mapping, I research on identity formation mechanisms with special attention to the notion coined by political theorist Hannah Arendt of “the common interest” (weltliche Bezug). I am interested in the symbols, collective archetypes and temporary needs bounding us (or “world-ing” us) together as a society.  My projects evolve in very different formats in the crossovers between Art, the Social, Education and the realm of the Every day towards shaping architectures of encounter”, where memory,  language and relational aesthetics are intertwined as subjects and practical tools to generate common meaning.

I collaborate regularly with Agora Center for Contemporary Practices as Project Coordinator of AFFECT Residency Program, berlinerpool arts network | mobile archive, as Chief Curator of the archive of visual artists, Node Center for Curatorial Studies Berlin as a teacher and project coordinator. Currently im developing a pedagogical methodology for artistic education workshops to stimulate in children a sense of poetry of the every day (#Philopoetics).  www.pazponce.com .